This program is sponsored by the Garabedian Family with their friends and family in loving memory of Michael Douglas Garabedian, Jr. who was still born on February 2, 1998, and his brother Adam Michael Garabedian, who was still born on July 25, 2001.  Both our sons were only weeks from their due date.

We currently sponsor support programs at local hospitals that help families who have suffered the loss of a child before, during or after birth.  In the future we hope to sponsor educational programs for medical professionals as well as the family & friends of grieving families.  We are also hope to encourage preventive programs for families and their doctors as to help prevent such tragedies from occurring in the future.

The program's name was taken from our oldest daughter's use of the name Michael Angel when talking about her brother.  After Michael's death, our family decided to offer support to other families who have suffered similar losses in loving memory of Michael.  Our son Adam Michael was named by the same daughter and his middle name was given to him in memory of his older brother.

Our sharing of the loss of Michael and Adam with other grieving families is to help these families know they are not alone.  By sharing and encouraging support of families in need, we hope to help make the healing process just a little easier for these families and their friends.    We also hope to help disseminate information on some factors that we have observed which may be an indication of a risky pregnancy.

Although we are based in the Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas area, we have plans to expand our program to other hospitals in the coming years.

Our Mission

This program provides a small keepsake and a message for a family to treasure special memories and mementos from their very special baby.  These keepsakes include a memory ring and a keepsake box.  Hospitals individualize the program with grief counseling, hand knitted caps and blankets and other items.  We also help with the costs of grief literature that may not be provided for in the Hospital’s Budget.  The keepsake boxes are often courtesy of Tolenet Outreach.  These mementos are given to the family by the hospital staff upon the delivery of their baby.

The Michael Angel Program’s objectives are;

Preserve the memory of our Sons

Our family wishes to insure the memory of our sons and share the joy and pride they brought to us in the short time we had them.

Let families who have suffered similar losses know they are not alone.

Often families who suffer a loss feel isolated and scared during the stay at a hospital.  Surrounded by medical professionals they do not know and feeling the weight of the world as they grieve.

Cindy, Michael & Adam’s mom, was a nurse in labor and delivery and would often witness these moms in a state of shock and afraid to cry as they were in strange surroundings being attended to by the staff whom they do not know.  We hope that by providing these mementos, they know they are not alone in their grief and can cherish the very special moments with their babies.

Encourage family and friends of families who have suffered a loss to acknowledge the loss.

One of the most frustrating aspects of losing a baby is how others may try to avoid the subject or they forget your loss.  We have always been proud of all our children.  We have found that families who have suffered losses of babies are very appreciative to have the child acknowledged and remembered by friends and family.  Although every family handles losses and grief in different ways and there is no right or wrong way to work through grief, we want to encourage friends and families to remember.

 The support our family received from friends and family was overwhelming.  We do not believe we could have made it without their support.